VideoDuke Known Issues

Problems that may arise while downloading online videos

    • Currently, Microsoft Silverlight streaming video cannot be captured by VideoDuke.
    • Currently, VideoDuke does not feature downloading of live RTMP stream (e.g. stream from web cameras, etc.)
    • MPEG Transport Stream videos and MPEG-DASH are not supported by VideoDuke yet. In this case, the server splits the video into a large number of small files (segments) with the extensions .ts, .tsv, .tsa, .m2t or m4s.
    • Some sites may not display correctly in the Advanced mode, especially on older OSes, for instance, 10.12, so you will not be able to view pages in the VideoDuke and download videos. We are working on solving this issue so you could enjoy using the product to the fullest.
    • Sometimes files duplication is possible in the list of files that are available for downloading with VideoDuke. It happens when files have additional parameters in their names (like the date or time). As these parameters change, the links change correspondingly and VideoDuke treats them like the links to different files, though practically the file is always the same.